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Swagelok Kazakhstan

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Swagelok Training Services

Who should attend?

Swagelok installation training courses are ideally suited to anyone who is directly involved with the installation, assembly and maintenance of liquid and gas systems.

Swagelok Courses Available

SLT-INSTALL-00 (1 day)

Installation training – an intensive course of both theoretical and practical content 
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SLT-PROD-01 (1 day)

Second day training modules – bespoke modules that can be added to the installation training course 
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SLT-INSPECT-00 (1 day)

Inspection training – comprehensive course for inspectors of installed fluid systems
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SLT-CTINST-00 (1 day)

Cone & thread installation training – training programme covering all aspects of MP and HP system installation
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SLT-BEND-00 (1 day)

Tube bending essentials – basic tube bending and preparation 
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SLT-HOSE-00 (1 day)

Hose essentials training – covering correct hose selection, best practices and installation 
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SLT-SWS-00 (1 to 3 days)

Orbital welding training – covering all aspects of automated GTAW, basic and advanced courses available 
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Other Swagelok Sponsored Training

Courses available: