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Swagelok Kazakhstan

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Grab Sample Systems

Are your grab sample systems streamlined for maximum performance?

System media sampling is important to ensure timely, compatible and representative measurement of process fluids. In order to complete this, four features should be considered in the design.

  1. Timely: There should be minimum lag time between sample extraction and sample collection.
  2. Reliable: Using quality components can decrease downtime by allowing quick and easy maintenance.
  3. Cost Effective: Economical design and installation methods help to decrease cost by reducing entrapment and leak points.
  4. Safe: When working with hazardous media, leakage poses the greatest risk. Swagelok LDAR certified products use an advanced live-load sealing design to decrease that risk. We also offer Sampling Systems Maintenance training taught by experienced independent instructors.

Grab Sample Panels

Swagelok Kazakhstan offers preconfigured sample systems for both liquid and gas applications. These systems allow for consistency, reliability and availability. Swagelok ustom Solutions can also work with you to create a customized grab sample module. Our trained engineers have extensive experience to assist you with the design of your sample system.

Display clear operating procedure and reduce operator error with the use of Swagelok's panel wrapping. These coverings can also color code sample cylinders to provide visual identification in reducing the risk of intermixing samples.

Swagelok Custom Solutions gives you the same quality and availability you expect from Swagelok products and is backed by the same Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Contact Us today to start your grab sample system design.